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How To Beat Depression Naturally And Keep It At Bay

Depression is a mental illness that everyone would like to avoid. But according to WHO, it is a common disorder in people.

Depression produces emotional suffering and significant functional disability in all areas of life. It is not a condition that can be controlled so easily and therefore requires treatment just like any other medical condition. But not everything in life is solved with drugs.

There are many ways to fight depression. Below we give you 10 ways to beat depression naturally.

Note/credit: most of these were taken from Knowledge For Men’s list of natural ways to beat depression

Sleep well

By not sleeping the necessary 8 hours that all specialists recommend, your body will react negatively, which makes your mood change, and you feel like it. This is why it is best to give priority to sleeping hours. Make sure you lie down in bed relaxed by not watching television one hour in advance, and also avoid staring at the screen of your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The illuminated displays disrupt your sleep-wake rhythm.

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Many antidepressants increase and regulate the production of the serotonin and nor-adrenaline neurotransmitters, which affect a person’s mood and emotions. Exercise does more or less the same as antidepressants and naturally increases the mood. Exercise also increases endorphin production, a neurotransmitter with analgesic effects. Endorphins are probably responsible for the feeling of well-being.

Choose cheerful and energetic food

Eating certain foods would help you be happier every day. They are small, but they can help more naturally. Eating a whole-grain cereal with a dairy and fruit, are the basis of a full breakfast that is essential to get up on the right foot and feel much better. Banana and dark chocolate are just but examples of mood-improving foods.

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Bananas contain fructose and fiber, which offers the body an immediate sprint and energy when the body requires it. Dark chocolate contains high levels of tryptophan, which helps with the good functioning of the brain and blood circulation.


A relaxing activity just before bedtime can be meditation. There are many forms of meditation. Just sitting still can only have a relaxing effect. You can contemplate your day or life while meditating or try to think of nothing and accept the thoughts that come to you and let them go again. You can also concentrate on your breathing or a burning candle.

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Do something that makes you happy

Even if you are eating well, exercising, and sleeping the necessary hours, but still feeling a great emptiness, it is because you are not doing what you like. Doing something you love will lighten you up, and setting goals will help find meaning in your life.

Hang out with friends

Every person needs someone’s company when he wants to celebrate or when he feels sad. One of the best ways to have a bad time is to be with friends and laugh out loud. There are many benefits that laughter brings to your body and your mental health. Laughter contributes to a change of mental attitude that favors the decrease of diseases, helps to release fear and the feeling of anguish. If you feel alone, look for a group of friends who will help you forget all those negative thoughts in your head.

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Light therapy

Many people who suffer from seasonal depression can try light therapy. This starts when the days get shorter and darker. Light influences your mood. People who already have depression become more somber, and have a mood problem, suffer from mild depression. Light therapy can then offer a solution. With light therapy, you are just in front of a light-box that simulates daylight. How long you have to sit in front of it depends on the severity of your depression. Although light therapy does not cure depression, it helps relieve symptoms.

Don’t skip meals.

Divide your diet by providing three main meals and two snacks, one in the mid-afternoon and one in the mid-morning. By getting used to this routine, you will help to keep blood sugar levels stable, thus avoiding mood swings that may contribute to depression.


In addition to all these natural remedies to fight depression, the consultation of a doctor should be paramount. Specialists know how to deal with these problems and can offer the most effective solutions. Medications are necessary when fighting depression. However, the good part is that these natural ways are compatible with medications.

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