Hello December!

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I cannot believe that it is December already and my baby, Hazelnut, is 9 months old. Life as a mom is certainly exciting, exhausting, and time consuming. How can something the size of our Thanksgiving turkey change my life so radically? I don’t know how it happened, but I fell into the trap of all […]


Exercise and eating healthy is like having a baby, after a while, you cannot imagine it not being part of your life. Your body becomes used to having an outlet for stress and being fueled with high octane gas. But when you are starting out, just like pregnancy, you are uncomfortable and maybe fearful of things to come.


The thing about having a goal like “staying fit to have a healthy baby” is so wishy-washy. The best time to lose any excess weight is before getting pregnant. So lately I have taken “staying fit to have a healthy baby” as my workout mantra. Problem is – the mantra is actually less motivating than having a defined goal of losing 2 inches around my waist by spring.



Welcome to Small Steps to Health where we do not take orders from a cookie!

This post is a review of the Mio Motiva Petite heart rate monitor.

For the price and the features you get with the Mio Motiva Petite heart rate monitor, the Mio Motiva Petite is a good deal.

If you want instanteous heart rate readings on the watch, this is not the heart rate monitor for you.


Life As Slow As a Baby TurtleWelcome to Small Steps to Health where we do not take orders from a cookie!

The move to my new house is almost complete. We are now living at our new house and clearing out the miscellaneous stuff out of the duplex we were living in. Since we brought a foreclosed home, it requires a lot of elbow grease in order to make it habitable again.

Though my weight has not yet reflect my lack of exercise in the last three weeks, all the takeout is finally taking a toll on my energy level this week. Initially we were spending more money to get healthier restaurant food, but as the days turn into weeks, we find ourselves turning to fast food, both for the convenience and the cheap prices. I feel tired throughout the day from the lack of exercise and the junk food we have been eating.


Welcome to Small Steps to Health where we do not take orders from a cookie!

Bally Total Fitness is offering a free mp3 workout music mix for download from the album Workout: Pumping House. Once you fill out the form, there will email you the link for the download.

It is a 25 minute compilation of snippets from the following songs:

1. Workout ? RuPaul (Tony Puccio Remix)
2. Mindbuster – Jocelyn Brown & Oliver Cheatham (Frankie C Radio Mix)
3. Everybody Rise Pt.2 – Muriel Fowler (Funky Junction Radio Edit)
4. That Sound – Brinsley Evans ft. Sy Smith (Funky Junction & Antony Reale Radio Mix)
5. Candy – The Lollypop Gang (AudioPhreakz Radio Mix)
6. Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous – RuPaul (Funky Junction Radio Edit)
7. Let Me Step Inside – Darrell Martin ft. Paul Cortes (Funky Junction & Antony Reale Radio Mix)
8. Found A Cure – Plaza People
9. Send Me An Angel ? Michal Nicolas (Georgie?s Dirty Angel Mix)
10. I Like – Darrell Martin ft. Muriel Fowler (Raul Rincon Radio Mix)
11. It’s Alright – Darrell Martin ft. Ramona (Funky Junction & Antony Reale Elektro Gryphon Radio Mix)
12. Do You Like My Body? – The Lollypop Gang (Audiophreakz Vocal Radio Mix)
13. Ding Dong (Pick Up The Phone B*tch) – Cell Phish (Money and Fun Club Mix)
14. Lost In Vietnam – Jah Sound (Dark Mix 2)
15. One Nation – Darrell Martin Vs. Paul Cortes (Groovepusher Mix)
16. You Got a Whole Life – Papi Vs. Bellakayla (Constantino Pavadano Radio Mix)

I downloaded the mix. In case you do not know, I love free. I will try listen to it when I do my workout tonight. We will see how that goes.

My playlist usually include podcasts on personal finance. Disgusting isn’t it – that I feel the need to learn even when I exercise instead of mindless zoning out listening to music.

Until next time and thanks for stopping by Small Steps to Health.


I have a confession to make. Since last August I have not seen any change in my body even though I workout consistently. Generally I average about 4-5 workouts a week with a mix of cardio, pilates, and strength training.

Sounds like I should be slimming down and building muscle right? Or that maybe I am cheating and eating more than I should? If I was trying to lose weight, I would say that I am stuck at the dreaded weight loss plateau stage. The culprit is related to intensity, pain, and a little laziness on my part. Let me explain.

This post is a discussion about exercise intensity, weight loss plateaus, and how I am a wimp.


I regularly listen to music or podcasts with my ipod when I do my aerobic workouts.

This post will discuss the Don’t Quit Fitness Bundle – what I like and dislike about this product. Let’s just say that I am disappointed.


Making the Commitment to Change

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Photo by: Sara Petagna Steve’s post yesterday talked about keeping things simple when it comes to new health habits. It got me thinking that most of these weight loss programs require too much commitment from hopeful customers. It is sad that we rather let some program tell us what to eat, when to eat, and […]


What is your dream weight? Mine would be at 125 pounds. I am 5’3″. I haven’t seen this weight since freshman year in college. I rather be able to maintain this weight for life than to win the lottery. But I think I have a higher chance in winning the lottery than to ever get […]