exercise at home

Any exercise routine is only as good as the length of time it takes for your body to get used to it.  This expiration is approximately 1-2 months from your start date.  However, it takes approximately 2-3 months for most women to see results from an exercise program. In order to see significant permanent weight […]


One of my biggest problems with exercising at home is that I do not have access to the variety of cardio machines that are available at the gym. I have my elliptical machine, but it gets old after a while. Since discovering The Firm exercise dvds four years ago, I occasionally include step aerobics for […]


Are you going to be like my husband who lies on the sofa making wisecrack remarks while I am doing “girlie” pushups? Or are you going to actually do the exercise, get sweaty, and slightly breathless? Exercise videos only work (as in losing weight or getting stronger) if you actually use it consistently over time and adding variation to your routine.


This post is a review of Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover dvd. I will discuss the plan, the workouts in the dvd, the eating rules, what I like, and what I hate about the dvd.


This post is a review of my experience with ChaLean Extreme DVD. ChaLean Extreme is a 3 month program with a different rotation each month. The goal of the program is to lift heavy weights to reach fatigue within one set of each exercise.