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Aging & Gender Differences

This post is a discussion of common medication prescribed for PMS and how they do not address the underlining problem of balancing your hormones to prevent PMS.


This post is the first of a series of posts about our periods and other womanly issues that are related to our reproductive system. Men, you can stop here and wonder off for a while.


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How much is quality of life worth to you?

Before my car accident a few years ago, the question of “quality of life” bears no meaning. All that matters was that I could fit into my skinny jeans. My body did not protest when I put it into motion after hours of inactivity without a proper warm-up. It could be that I am getting older.

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This post is a discussion of some adult eczema treatment tips to help manage this skin condition. Being the shopper for household products, I hope to indirectly improve my husband’s eczema by changing some household products that are known to cause skin irritation.


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Recently I got a couple of comments from readers asking about how to start exercising in their 60s. One feel that most gyms are not made for sedentary people in their age group. And the other reader, though active, feels that she needs to add some strength training and flexibility to her walking. They both understand that they need to exercise, but the “how to exercise” in their 60s remains a mystery to them.



As many of my readers know, I am fascinated by the differences in between women vs. men. I love my husband. Though he is my best friend and we have similar values and viewpoints, sometimes I think he is a stranger. How much of that difference is in our head?


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It is common knowledge that we are getting fatter as a nation. It has long been known that overweight girls tend to mature earlier than thinner girls. But why is that the case? The answer might be in our fat cells.


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This article will discuss how the changing female hormones during our teenage years impact our weight. I will not be discussing the emotional aspects of puberty, just the physical aspects.

As females, our bodies change every 15 years or so – puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause – because of the changes in our hormone levels. Hopefully you have some close female relatives to help guide you through each stage. If you are interested in learning more about how your hormones and fat cells influence your weight, please click on my hormones or fat cell tags.


This post is a book review of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife & Beyond by Janet Horn, MD and Robin H. Miller, MD. This book offers a chapter on common health issues faced by women after the age of 50. The health issues range from your brain to your uterus.

To me acupuncture and herbal supplements are as “normal” to me as the prescribed medications my doctor gives me. I always view alternative medicine and herbal supplements as another revenue I can discuss with my doctor when traditional medicine fail to give me an answer. Of course, traditional medical advice are not neglected either in this book……


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This post will discuss the “male” menopause (andropause) phase at around age 60 and how balance your hormones.

Everyone knows about “the change” that women go through after 50. Women are better equip than men in dealing with extreme changes to our bodies from years of practice. Not only are men not used to dealing with changes in their bodies, there is not much support in our community or the internet to help them.

Can you imagine two men sitting next to each other, beer in hand, talking about the “changes” happening to their bodies? I would love to see my husband and brother doing that 20 years from now.