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by Annie on May 28, 2012 · 2 comments

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IMG_1960My brother sent me a Nike Plus FuelBand a month ago because he “thought I would appreciate it.” Appreciate it I did. I tore the box apart in my haste to get to the FuelBand. Oops, I guess I can’t return it now (it’s like when you lick something as child to claim it. My 14 month old is a master of claiming everything from the my floors to public park benches).

This post is a review of the Nike Plus FuelBand.

What is the Nike Plus FuelBand?

FuelBand is a bracelet that keeps track of all your daily activities. The LED screen does not show up until you press the discrete button on the bracelet. The button cycles you through the various screens on the Fuel Band.

The display will show you how many Nike Fuel points you’ve earned for the day, calories you burned, how many steps taken, and the current time.

The wristband syncs with your iphone and computer so you can have a log of your daily activities online at the Nike Plus website.

What I like about the Nike Plus FuelBand

I love fitness and I love technology. When you combine the two, I am in hog heaven. While the Nike FuelBand does not actually exercise for you, the concept of creating “a community” to help motivate you to exercise is an excellent one.

My brother and I compare Nike Fuel points to keep each other on track with our exercise goals. In addition, both my brother and I tried one upping the other person by increasing our Nike Fuel points every once in a while.

The Fuel Band is simple to setup and use. After downloading the software and entering information about my height, weight, and age, I was up and running within 15 minutes. Each morning I strap it to my wrist and I am ready to record my activity level.

When you plug your Nike Fuel Band into your computer, it automatically uploads your activity information to the Nike Plus website. The Nike Plus website tracks all your activity information and compares it to the average person. While the average person does not exist (just like 2.2 kids per family is a myth), it’s nice to know that I am beating the average person each day with my activity level.

What I dislike about the Nike FuelBand

If you do not have access to a computer, the Nike Fuel Band is pretty useless. Every few days, the Fuel Band stops working unless you plug it into the computer and it uploads your information to the Nike Plus website. Since purchasing my iPad, I rarely turn on my laptop so occasionally the wristband is just a bracelet. It would be great if I can reset the stored data on the Fuel Band itself.

In addition, while the Nike Fuel Band stored several days worth of information, it does not let you cycle through the information on the wristband. In order to see what was your activity level was 2 days ago, you have to get on a computer and log onto the Nike+ website. And the information is available only if you remember to plug in the Fuel Band a couple days ago.

Accuracy of stored data in Nike FuelBand

As a self-proclaimed health nut with many fitness gadgets, I find the inaccuracy of the Fuel Band just a tad bit irritating. Swinging my arms while seated will increase my Nike Fuel points, calories burned, and step count. Without a build-in heart rate monitor, much of the information recorded by the Nike Fuelband is an estimate.

However, for someone new to exercise like my brother, he loves the simplicity of the device and the information it provides.

Should you buy a Nike Plus FuelBand?

If you are new to exercise and would like something to give you a general estimate of your daily activity level, you are going to love the Nike+ FuelBand.

But if you would like more accurate information, you might be better off purchasing a heart rate monitor.

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Mizunogirl June 9, 2012 at 5:55 pm

Interesting review. I was fascinated by the fuel band, but not so much any more. I am a stickler for accuracy. One issue I have even with my Garmin is that it sometimes (cloudy weather) incorrectly tracks my miles. I run a similar route in the neighborhood weekly and last week it stayed on 0.14 for ever so long, I am sure it just was daydreaming.
No fuel band for me!


asithi June 11, 2012 at 6:51 am


Each of us measure our activity a little differently. For example, I am a walker and love counting steps. A friend of mine is a runner and measures her workouts by counting miles. And another friend loves counting calories with her heart rate monitor in her aerobics class. The idea of the Nike Fuel Band to convert all these different measurements into Fuel Points so we can compare apples to apples is a great concept. But the problem is, I cannot figure out how they do that conversion since the Fuel Points is proprietary to Nike.


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