Exercise DVD Review: Gilad Express Workouts

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Gilad express workoutsThis post is a review of Gilad Express Workouts (or aka 15 Targeted Express Workouts) exercise dvd set.

I always thought Hazelnut would mold herself to my current habits and routines, but instead I am squeezing in bits and pieces of time to myself into her schedule. Like clockwork, my 1 year old would nap for 30 minutes twice a day. As soon as she is contentedly nestled into her nap mat, I have to be ready to exercise. At this stage in my life, I don’t have time for long drawn out workout DVDs.

I love 30 minute exercise videos and Gilad Express Workouts has always been one of my favorites.

Gilad Express Workouts Format

The concept behind Gilad Express Workouts is that you pick segments to create your own workout and duration. There are 2 dvds in the package. There are 8 segments in disc 1 and 7 segments in disc 2. Here is a breakdown of the 15 targeted workouts:

DVD 1:
8:15 Warm-up
8:40 Buns & Thighs
9:40 Hips & Thighs
9:15 Back
9:10 Chest
8:30 Shoulders
9:15 Arms
5:10 Cool-down

DVD 2:
9:00 Dynamic Moves: low impact, standing core workout
9:30 Strength & Balance: similar to yoga
9:00 Cardio 1-Basic: aerobics such as v-steps and grapevines
9:00 Cardio 2- Challenge: similar to kickboxing
7:35 Compound Strength: combines upper and lower body strength exercises at same time.
9:35 Core Foundations
9:40 Core Challenge

Within each segment, you typically do three sets of each exercise and there are approximately 3-4 exercises per segment.

Create 30 minute exercise routines with Gilad Express Workouts.

To create a 30 minute exercise routine, I typically pick the warm-up and two segments from the Gilad Express Workout exercise dvds. I do not exercise when my daughter is awake, but I would cool down when she wakes up from her nap because I am not swinging weights when she is moving around.

For example, I might pick Warm-up, Shoulders, Arms, and Cool-down (approximately 31 minutes total). At this rate, it typically take me an entire week to go through all the segments in this set of exercise DVDs.

I would recommend selecting two segments at a time and in consecutive order as laid out in the exercise dvds if you are looking for 30 minute exercise routines. For example, the workout routines I create would look like this:

Workout 1: warm-up, buns & thighs, hips & thighs, and cool-down
Workout 2: warm-up, back, chest, and cool-down
Workout 3: warm-up, shoulders, arms, and cool-down
Workout 4: warm-up, dynamic moves, strength & balance, and cool-down
Workout 5: warm-up, cardio 1, cardio 2, and cool-down
Workout 6: warm-up, compound strength, core foundations (or core challenge), and cool-down

Why do I group the segments together this way? First, it is easy to remember. I have a 1 year old. I forget to comb my hair before I leave the house sometimes. I just work my way down the segments on the exercise dvd without having to consult a workout chart.

Gilad provided this workout chart here for the Express Workout exercise dvds. There is no way I can remember the exercise routines he set up without consulting the chart and checking off each workout session. And more likely did not, my daughter will probably tear up the chart as soon as she gets her grubby little hands on it (we are going through the destructive phase right now).

Second, it is a good idea to use the same weights on complementary muscle groups. For example, if I use 10 lb dumbbells on my back, it is a good idea to use 10 lb dumbbells on my chest. By putting these two segments into the same workout session, I decrease the chance that I might over train one of the complementary muscle groups.

If I work on my back on Monday and do not get to my chest until Friday, I might forget which weight I used previously and there is the possibility I might use a heavier or lighter weight on Friday depending on how I feel. The back and chest are complementary muscle groups.

You don’t want to cause muscle imbalance by over training just the front or the back of your upper body. I already have a lot of problems with muscle imbalance due to my torn hip labrum.

Is Gilad Express Workouts for beginners?

Yes. The exercises are scalable which means you can use no weights, lighter weights, or heavier weights for the exercises.

In addition, you select the duration of your workout so if you are a beginner and can only exercise for 15 minutes, then you can select two segments to get your 15 minutes of exercise.

I would recommend Gilad Express Workouts to my friends.

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