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by Annie on March 20, 2012 · 2 comments

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I finally joined the ranks of iPad bloggers last weekend. The main feature of the new iPad that made me decide to pre-order was the dictation feature. As you know, I normally use Dragon Naturally Speaking (a voice to text software) for most of my typing. I love the new iPad dictation feature!

This post is review of the new ipad dictation software and how the ipad is changing the way I write.

New iPad dictation – no training required!

new ipadWith Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I had to train the software about 3 times before it recognize the inflection in my voice. With the new iPad, you just press the microphone symbol on the onscreen keyword and start talking at a steady pace. Then, you hit the microphone symbol again for the iPad dictation to convert your voice to text.

To add punctuation, you say "period" or "comma" where you want the punctuation to appear. However, iPad dictation only seems to recognize the common punctuation marks, but these are enough to get the majority of your writing done.

Accuracy of the new iPad dictation

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I usually speak for about 2 to 3 sentences at a time before pausing to let the voice-to-text software catch up to my voice. With the new iPad dictation, the longer the speech, the higher the chance that you will end up with a jumble of unusable text.

However, this does not interrupt the flow of my writing. I am a very visual person. I actually prefer to see my last complete sentence on the screen before starting my next sentence. While the dictation on the new iPad it’s not in the +90% range as Dragon NaturallySpeaking for converting speech to text, I say it’s still in the 70% range, which is good enough to help with my productivity.

I had to purchase a high-quality microphone headset for Dragon Naturally Speaking to get my accuracy up to about 90%. Right now I am dictating with the TV on and the new iPad is about 3 inches away from my face. And the iPad only converted 4 words wrong in this entire paragraph.

The new iPad and blogging

Because the iPad is much more mobile than my laptop, I am actually getting a lot more writing done for my two blogs. I did not realize that the shut down and start up process of my laptop is such an impediment to writing. I am able to write a quick paragraph or two in the incremental short blocks of time I have throughout the day with the new iPad.

In case you are interested, I am using Blogsy app for writing and formatting my blog posts. It is worth the $5 because the free WordPress app lacks a lot of features. I am not use to writing my posts in the HTML environment in the WordPress app.

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Tom Parker March 21, 2012 at 8:07 am

I’ve never really considered using text to speech software for blogging. I’ve always written all my posts. However, a lot of the time, my wrists and forearms get a bit tired later in the day and my writing slows down because of this. If I alternated between the two it could make me a little more productive. Definitely something for me to think about. Thanks for the great idea :).



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