Take a Walk for Healthy Knees

by Annie on July 11, 2011 · 0 comments

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My knee has been aching lately. Normally I spend a lot of time talking (okay complaining about) my torn hip labrum. What I usually don’t discuss is how my knee would sometime ache because of my weak hip. As I mentioned in my knee injury post, sometimes knee pain starts at the hip. Good thing I like walking because walking keeps knees healthy.

You can maintain your healthy knees by walking 30 minutes a day. Here are some basic techniques and walking tips for healthy knees:

While walking, make sure to roll your foot from heel to toes. You will develop knee pain when you put too much weight on the ball of your foot. Rolling your foot from heel to toes allow your entire foot to take the impact of each step.

Keep your abs tight when walking so that your ab muscles are stabilizing your step and not your knees. Engaging your core muscles will make each step less taxing on your knees. You should not hear a thudding noise when you step.

Walk on uneven terrain to strengthen the muscle fibers in the knees. The uneven surface of grass, sand, or dirt taps into the muscle fibers on your knees that you normally would not use on the sidewalk or flat even surface. In addition, the uneven surface challenges your balance so you end up using more of your core muscle when walking on these surfaces compared to the sidewalk. Switching your walking surface occasionally helps keep your knees healthy.

The best thing you can do to keep your knees healthy is to exercise regularly. Being a weekend warrior increase your chances of injuring your knees. Set up a regular walking routine to gradually go the endurance of your knees. Regular exercise will also help maintain your body weight. Excess weight gain it’s hard on the knees.

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