What is an Ideal Body Weight?

by Annie on February 15, 2011 · 1 comment

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The one thing I learn from my pregnancy is that you are never at the ideal body weight. Ever. There will always be someone who thinks you are too big and someone else who thinks you are too small. I am not just talking about pregnancy weight gain, but just body weight in general.

I’ve touch on this subject of happy weight vs ideal body weight before. Your happy weight is always going to be heavier than your ideal body weight. Your body is the most comfortable in your happy weight.  It is the weight where you do not have to work hard to maintain. It is the weight that allows you to just throw on some clothes and go live your life.

Your ideal body weight, on the other hand, requires regular sacrifices. You have an internal debate each time you deviate from your regular salad with dressing on the side. You break out into a sweat just thinking about skipping it a workout session.

Whose ideal body weight is it anyway?

When I am around my mother, I am always too heavy. Though I’m not a skinny, neither am I overweight or obese. But my mom’s ideal body weight is probably 120 pounds for someone my height. I am 5’3″. The fact that my happy weight ranges between 135-140 pounds is a problem for my mother. Logically I know her problem with my weight is a reflection of her own insecurities (especially since I am happy with the way I look), but it gets tiring hearing about it whenever I visit.

And then there are the women who tell me I am too tiny. Their ideal body weight is probably between 150-160 pounds. Of course, it all depends on the weight of the speaker. Sometimes it seems like I must have some kind of eating disorder for refusing dessert on a daily basis.

Pregnancy blows your ideal body weight out of the water

Whenever I can shut out all these voices, I am really happy with myself and the way my life is going. Unfortunately, when you’re pregnant you get more comments about your body weight than anything else. People think it’s okay to start joking about how you’re going to have to twins or it looks like you are about to have the baby any day now when you are several months from your due date. Do you see me making jokes about your body weight? And here is the sad thing — it is the women who are making these body weight comments. Why do we tear each other down like this?

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Zahra Brown March 5, 2011 at 9:41 am

Height is a factor too. They can be slim and trim at 150lbs because they’re taller while us shorties would still be overweight.

You’re right about finding the healthy weight for you. No one else has to live your life, so rely on what YOU want. Consider others’ opinions, but make sure YOU have the final say.


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