A Pill Splitting Horror Story

by Annie on February 7, 2011 · 0 comments

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This weekend I found out that my mom is taking a generic maintenance drug for high blood pressure. Since she her blood pressure sometimes get as high as 150/90, her doctor wanted my mom to try taking half a tablet of a generic high blood pressure medication on a daily basis.

The generic medication already has a line scored on the tablet to make pill splitting easier. However, the tablet is so tiny that my mom had difficulty splitting the pill equally. Since it was so difficult to split the tiny pill, my mom decided to split a bunch of them in advance.

If you read my pill splitting post, then you would know a split pill is likely to crumble if not taken immediately. Imagine my horror when I looked at the bottom of her pill bottle and saw all this powder residue from her splitting multiple pills at once and storing them for future use. And when I looked inside the pill bottle, I saw multiple evenly split pills.

The first thing I did was to give her a lecture about not splitting multiple pills and storing them for later use. My mom did not believe me until I showed her the powder residue at the bottom of the pill bottle and explaining that she is not getting the correct dosage from her medication. The next thing I did was by her a five dollar pill cutter from the local drugstore.

The subject of maintenance medication only came up because I asked if she was taking anything else with her calcium supplements. Not only was I surprised by this recent development with my mom’s health, I also realize that I needed take a more active role in initiating discussions about healthcare concerns with my aging parents. It is not a role any child looks forward to.

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