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by Annie on January 4, 2010 · 5 comments

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Welcome to Small Steps to Health where we do not take orders from a cookie!

Are you planning to join the rest of the world to lose weight this year?  Yeah, it is one of the goals on my resolution list as well.  Since my wedding in September through the end of 2009, I had a little discipline issue.  Ok, it was a huge lack of motivation to control my eating and exercise.

I tried bribing myself with toys like the Wii Fit Plus and <gasp!> with food (ice cream in particular).  Ice cream is on my deadly no-no list because I have a history with abusing ice cream.  I cannot stop eating it until I finish the whole carton ASAP.  Like I am on some kind of racing to see how fast I can polish off a carton because my husband will want some.  The sad thing is — my husband does not eat ice cream.

Lessons I learned from my lack of motivation

Instead of beating myself up over this little discipline problem, I let it run its course.  I trust that my years of eating well and exercising will let me know what my body needs.  The lesson I learned is that I am making up for the lack of “fun” I had in the preceding months prior to my wedding when I was on the ChaLean Extreme program.

Everything is related when it comes to your health

Another lesson I learned is that my lack of sleep is directly related to my lack of exercise.  Whenever I exercise regularly, I sleep like a pig.  My husband can attest that I am literally as loud too.  I sleep deep and wake up refresh every morning.  But for the last few months, I am having problems falling asleep and waking up at the smallest creak on the staircase.

So my lack of exercise leads to my lack of sleep, which leads to my increase in caffeine intake.  My drug of choice?  Starbucks.  Yep, I am back on the coffee addiction bandwagon again.  Slurping all this foamy coffee concoction leads to even less restful sleep, which keeps me hitting the sugar and caffeine high to get through the day.  And the vicious cycle begins anew the next day.  Arghh!  I hate it!  My body hates it.  And yet I have to let it spiral for three months before I finally said “ENOUGH!”

All of us should have a limit

Depending on your threshold, your rock bottom is different from my rock bottom.  But all of us should have one.  Mine is 145 pounds, tight pants, or my aching back.  Those are the limits I set for myself and I am defeating them.

I seriously thought my back would starting aching if I exercise only once per week.  I don’t count walking at work as exercise.  That is my bonding time to talk to my friends at work.  But surprisingly, it is my tight pants that snapped me out of this funk and it took three months to get there.

My next post will be a discussion on some tools I am using to get back on track in 2010.

Until next time and thanks for stopping by.

Photo by:  josh.liba.

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Walter January 6, 2010 at 4:53 am

Discipline is a huge factor in achieving our goals. We need to enforce it despite the difficulty of its implementation. Health is a treasure we must pursue. :-)


asithi January 6, 2010 at 7:25 am

@Walter – Yep, discipline is hard work. Thanks for the comment.


Meg January 7, 2010 at 7:53 am

Oh man, I know about backsliding! Good for you for realizing what was going on and what you need to do to turn it around. Keep it going! ^_^
.-= Meg´s last blog ..Making fitness a priority =-.


asithi January 7, 2010 at 8:09 am

@Meg – I think pretty much everyone has the same problem post-holiday. But the first step to make a change is figuring out why that is the case and how to avoid it in the future. Thanks for the comment.


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