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by Annie on January 17, 2009 · 1 comment

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I consider this month to be my 1st year blog anniversary.  I did not start to blog regularly until January of last year, even though I have a couple of posts from previous months.  Though I am quite happy with the amount of traffic I get from people passing through, I really want to have more “regulars” show up on my doorsteps.  And as with real life, you cannot make friends unless you let people in – let them see the real you.

So this year, I would like to share more stories about my life (or at least stories pertaining to health and fitness), even if they do not end with some profound sentence about how the story will change my readers life.  I would like to take shot at trying to amuse my readers with the mishaps and adventures in my life.

Most people end their holidays celebrations with a bang on New Year’s Eve.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), I usually celebrate until mid February.  I turn 30 this month.  I am so thankful to have many wonderful people to celebrate my birthday with, but it also means at least 3 more events to pig out.

Event No.1 – I always like to celebrate my birthday privately with my husband on my birthday.  Event No. 2 – A birthday party with my parents and siblings on the weekend leading up to or after my birthday when I can drive to my parents’ house.  Event No. 3 – A birthday outing with friends.

And this year, I have 2 more events to add to my list.  Event No. 4 – A birthday lunch with my two supervisors.  And Event No. 5 – A birthday lunch with my co-workers.  This is the first time I worked with people that I like and are friends with.

Then, there is my dating anniversary with my husband.  14 years in February.  It still amazes me to think that I married my high school sweetheart because I never really made a conscious decision to do so in high school.  There has been many times throughout the years where I feel like “that’s it, it is over.”  But that spark is always there.  What intrigues me as a 12 year old in elementary, still intrigues me as an adult.  And every year, I feel like our relationship gets better even with all the other things that life throws at you like unemployment or illness.  That is just how the cookie crumbles.  So I look forward to our February anniversary and eat with gusto when we dine out all week.

By the end of February, I should be at least 10 pounds heavier, right?  Not really.  So far I have lose an inch off my waist since Thanksgiving.  Circuit workouts are my secret weapon during this time of year when I am pressed for time.

There is no secret to enjoying life with food.  It is all about balance. I upped the intensity of my workouts on days when I have time.  Find excuses to walk more on days when I know I cannot squeeze in a workout in the evenings.  And if I plan to dine out or attend a party, I eat less calories the day leading up to the event and the day after.  So it all balances out.

I think for most people struggling with their weight, trying to understand this balance concept is alien.  We have to exercise.  We have to eat healthy.  These are the guiding principles to weight maintenance.  There is no point in being resentful or emotional about having to do these things.  It is just like brushing your teeth.  You do it and then it is done.  Move on and enjoy life.

Until next time and thanks for stopping by Small Steps to Health.

Photo by:  ilkerender.

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Tom Parker - Free Fitness Tips January 17, 2009 at 2:39 pm

Great post Asithi. I think your point on balance is an excellent one when it comes to fitness. No one is perfect all the time. We will sometimes eat foods we shouldn’t, we will sometimes skip a workout. But as long as we compensate when these situations occur by adjusting what we eat or doing some additional exercise, we should develop a healthy balance.

Tom Parker – Free Fitness Tipss last blog post……Are Multi Vitamin Supplements Necessary?


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